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Training App Designers

Whether your audience are visual, aural, read/write or kinesthetic learners, our applications can be tailored to suit. Together we can create a truly unique and interactive learning experience for your users.

Our background

We understand that training applications have to be specially designed to compensate for a mix of visual, aural, reading and kinaesthetic learners. The beauty of digital applications is that, unlike traditional training methods, creating a solution which can accommodate every type of learner becomes a reality.

Using our in-house publishing platform, Content.Head, we can create interactive applications which have the potential to be delivered in various languages, are editable, and incorporate a variety of elements such as questionnaires, images, text, graphs, etc. As our platform allows for editing to be done via the web, editors can simultaneously prepare documents for local publishing. This gives the tool the scope to advance at your own pace using your own bespoke content.

The way we work

Our clients generally work with us in one of two different ways: they will either come with a concept for a new training application or a developmental project and we will assist them in our Discovery Session, where we will:

  • Examine the project and focus on what’s important, what you can reasonably achieve and how it can be realistically achieved.
  • To take it from an idea to a fully considered and realistic proposition that will serve as the blueprint for architecture and build.
  • To work out how to make money from the project, if that’s the aim, how much it can reasonably be expected to make and how you can hit your targets.
  • To allow you to make the right decision with the right amount of information in hand.

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