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Dyson retail interface


Retail Mobile App Development

We know that the retail sector changes rapidly and new ways to shop and interact with customers are always being discovered. Staying competitive means staying ahead, and with our experience and expertise we can advise on what would work best for your business and customers.

Our background

With the move into a digital era, the retail sector is becoming increasingly diverse and requires the strategic use of applications to offer new immersive and interactive methods of shopping.

The retail sector is about defining how a product or service can satisfy a certain requirement. However, the challenge is providing a viable method for customers to identify exactly which product suits their needs.

We have worked with several reputable brands in the retail sector to do just this. Combining beautiful aesthetics with pioneering functionality that offers unique ways to shop, we have helped to create applications which deliver an exciting, informative and tailored experience – whilst using intelligent technologies to remove the complexity of keeping it all managed and up-to-date.

The way we work

We either take a brief from a client, or, as in most cases, a client comes to us with a problem. With either method, we will deliver a sound and detailed solution, taking all of your headaches away. Think of us as part of your team, with lots of industry knowledge.

We have a wide range of expertise in many languages and frameworks. This allows us to chose the right solution for you rather than attempting to solve a problem with the wrong tools. Our team of apps specialists are fluent in the following technologies:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Actionscript
  • Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)
  • Phonegap
  • Third party integrations

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  • Dyson: Retail kiosk

    A retail kiosk for aiding customers choose the Dyson vacuum that best suited their needs.

    Orange Telcom: Networked Kiosk

    A networked, updatable, interactive kiosk for Orange Telcom


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