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Application development

Whether it is on mobile, desktop or the web, application development is our expertise.

TFL: Interactive cycling stand
Cisco: Mobile HTML5 Game
A simple, fun, networked HTML5 game with a remote leader board
Training & Guidance Platform
Synctracks: Desktop Downloader

Xerox: hardware remote control
Pharma: Conference Kiosk
A kiosk application to run at a healthcare conference.
Dyson: Retail kiosk
A retail kiosk for aiding customers choose the Dyson vacuum that best suited their needs.
London Underground/Bombardier: Engineering prototyping
Prototyping of a series of new ‘train-driver display panels’

Orange Telcom: Networked Kiosk
A networked, updatable, interactive kiosk for Orange Telcom
ebay: Secondlife proof of concept
A proof of concept application built in "Second Life"