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Xerox: hardware remote control

Project Info

Requirement: As part of a larger project for Xerox to expand their Uxbridge Innovation Centre we were asked by George P. Johnson to assist with creating an iPad delivered interface for controlling the hardware used for presenting. This included projectors, overhead lighting and several hardware-switchers each with multiple inputs including Apple TV, PC and laptop. The key client requirement was that switching appeared effortless and maintained the polished presentation experience for the visitors.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap

Solution: We created a small sever-side app in PHP and a mobile web site using jQuery Mobile. Via iPads, any Xerox staff member can switch easily between each of the hardware options available at any one of the many presentation areas. To the end user it looks like a bespoke remote control but is really an interface to a local web app which in turn sends the hardware codes to perform actions.

Our take: This was an interesting challenge as the large part of the effort was understanding each of the different hardware idiosyncrasies and smoothing them out, so the end user simply flips between hardware devices and it’s a clean change. Without this smoothing effort there would have been screen flashing and redrawing as devices woke up etc.

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