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Optometrists: mobile app

Project Info

This project was produced under our white-label agency service meaning we don’t disclose details of the project or client.

Requirement: An iOS & Android mobile app for Optometrists.  A free app that provides Optometrists with easy-to-use tools for common technical calculations.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, TestFlight

Solution: Utilising HTML via PhoneGap to make this mini-app we were able to share development versions with the client via the web. This made amends and approval much easier. We also used the TestFlight app/service which enables beta testers to install the app on their own phone without going via the Apple app store. TestFlight makes it very easy to get users testing on both iOS and Android wherever they are located.

Our take: A mobile app can only be appreciated and tested properly on actual devices. Historically, the installation of test versions was a painful process via the Apple app store (Android Play store is simpler) but using the new generation of developer friendly tools like TestFlight makes it a much less daunting activity.

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