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Financial product explainer iPad app

Project Info

Requirement: Our friends at Realisation were helping Nationwide Building Society explore new ways to interact with their customers. The business of explaining and more importantly getting agreement from a customer when they buy a product is long and tedious. By using video and simple forms delivered via an iPad the customers could be informed and consent to various aspects of a financial product. This all had to be delivered in an extremely tight timescale (2 days)

Solution: We knew that there would be a significant amount of iteration so we created a solid yet flexible framework that would allow the user  to watch a video then feedback consent (or not). As this was to be a proof of concept we also built a readable private repository for the app to report back to. The app it self was built in HTML and published in a controlled way so that we could iterate ideas to the client. We used PhoneGap to wrap this into a native iOS app which was then distributed to various registered test devices via TestFlight.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, TestFlight


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