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Project Info

Requirements: After ten years of service the existing website needed to be rebuilt to reflect the increasing importance of the web as a means of connecting with their customers and distributing their music. The site would have to integrate with two separate CRM systems (Salesforce and a home-grown solution) as well as delivering a separate membership console for the De Wolfe worldwide agent network. Users would need from more flexible playlists and more intelligent search mechanisms. De Wolfe wanted content management both in terms of the music catalogue and ad hoc content.

Skills used: PHP/JS/Node.js/Salesforce Apex

Solution: This site required a ground up build, mapping complex data from legacy systems to our media delivery engine Unity. We used Rollo – our own simple to use CMS in order to give them true WYSIWYG content editing with versioning.  We created a Node.js syncronisation engine leveraging RabbitMQ to keep all the user data in sync throughout the worldwide De Wolfe agents network.

The interface was fully AJAX incorporating the new De Wolfe brand created by our friends at Studio Pretty. We have enhanced the Wünderbar (used on a couple of other projects) that allows for pre-emptive aggregated search. The results have intelligence, such that if, for instance, you search for a label (which results in a lot of tracks) it will shape the results as albums.


Over the last 10 years Richard and Matt have helped us make confident business decisions based on sound technical advice. – Chris Clarke, De Wolfe Music

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