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Kiosk Interactive Designers

We can design and build your streamlined interactive kiosk interface with our in-house publishing platform, Content.Head. Beautiful interfaces which are interactive, informative and tailored to your needs.

Our background

Mobile kiosks offer a unique experience in their own right, but making them fit-for-purpose, informative and interactive is often where our clients lack the technical expertise in which we specialise.

Using our in-house publishing platform, Content.Head, we can create applications using purpose-built templates which offer advanced functionality and the ability to display information in a way which works well with the hardware and input methods available. Best of all, whilst we’re perfecting everything that works behind the scenes, you can be tweaking the content quickly and easily via the browser.

The way we work

Our clients generally work with us in one of two different ways: they will either come with a concept for a new kiosk design or a developmental project and we will assist them in our Discovery Session, where we will:

  • Examine the project and focus on what’s important, what you can reasonably achieve and how it can be realistically achieved.
  • To take it from an idea to a fully considered and realistic proposition that will serve as the blueprint for architecture and build.
  • To work out how to make money from the project, if that’s the aim, how much it can reasonably be expected to make and how you can hit your targets.
  • To allow you to make the right decision with the right amount of information in hand.

Kiosk testimonials

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– John Doe, Company X



  • streaming video lectures

    A bespoke site to deliver training modules incorporating streaming video and a multiple choice quiz.

    KOL portal

    KOL portal with multiple tiered user management, events diary, downloads and videos.

    De Wolfe Music

    After ten years of service the existing website needed to be rebuilt to reflect the increasing importance of the web as a means of connecting with their customers and distributing their music. Music web site

    A production music search and distribution site with e-commerce

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