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Interactive Event Solutions

Fun, social and inclusive apps are a perfect way to get attendees to focus on your event. We build apps that work anywhere and on any device.

Our background

We have vast experience of creating cloud based interactive technologies for use in the live event industry, from exhibitions to seminars and conferences. Choose from a range of boilerplate games and tailor them to reflect your event or build something unique and special from the ground up.

Having developed applications for large multi-national businesses to increase delegate/visitor engagement, we can work with you to promote interactivity, boost participation and create an enhanced, connected environment for your event attendees.

The way we work

Our clients generally work with us in one of two ways: they will either come with a concept for a new mobile application or a developmental project and we will assist them in our Discovery Session, where we will:

  • Examine the project and focus on what’s important, what you can reasonably achieve and how it can be realistically achieved.
  • Take it from an idea to a fully considered and realistic proposition that will serve as the blueprint for architecture and build.
  • Work out how to make money from the project, if that’s the aim, how much it can reasonably be expected to make and how you can hit your targets.
  • Allow you to make the right decision with the right amount of information in hand.

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