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We are a London-based company specialising in web app and web site development.

Code Vanilla is a software development house that creates amazing bespoke apps for SMEs. We have also built our own products and platforms for Knowledge management and media delivery.


We build interesting and original digital experiences that engage delegates and compliment live events – games, competitions and much more.

TAG & Xpin

We have created two complimentary knowledge management platforms for high value, highly regulated manufacturing environments that help industry capture, disseminate and blend informal knowledge.

Media Delivery platform

A comprehensive end to end solution that helps media organisations manage and deliver content to their clients elegantly and efficiently.


  • TFL: Interactive cycling stand
    Synctracks: Desktop Downloader
    Self Service Debt Management Tool
    Cisco: Mobile HTML5 Game

    A simple, fun, networked HTML5 game with a remote leader board

  • Xpin: mobile app beta

    Our home grown product Xpin goes mobile

    Optometrists: mobile app

    A free mobile app that provides Optometrists with easy-to-use tools for common technical calculations.

    Handle My Health: Patient Focussed Mobile app

    A health platform to support a new generation of patient led services. Exclusively accessed via an extensive cross device mobile app. streaming video lectures

    A bespoke site to deliver training modules incorporating streaming video and a multiple choice quiz.


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